Hi! Its me, Samantha, I wanted to post something too! Mommy also said something about her and Felicity leaving to go meet stephenswodadancer in March, but I know that I am not going! Neither is Sonali. We are going to stay home and run the house! Mommy says I am a big girl, so I dont need to have anyone look after me. She will just leave out some cereal, (because we keep it on the top shelf) and some other entertaining things. I cant wait! Felicity thinks she has the best deal, just because she is going with mommy. I am positive that I will have a fun time, though I would like to meet stephenswodadancer.
I hope that Mom and Felicity do get to go to the mall of America though, I really want them to take pictures to bring back to me, especially of Lanie! Mommy says that she really wants to see her. You can never quite tell from the pictures in the magazine. I cant wait for my weekend of being boss! (If it ever happens...)



  1. i know this is an old post but i just wanted to say that i live only an hour away from the MOA! its awesome although we dont go there that much but that it where i got my first and only AG doll.


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