Hi guys! Its me anna! I went to the MOA this weekend to meet stephenswodadancer. We had such a fun time! I was not the only one there either. There were a bunch of other users: cheese4065, prettypointedancer11 and agqueen43.
I was the first one to arrive on Saturday. I strolled around the store for a few hours, waiting for people to show up. Finally, I saw a girl taking a video of a display case, and I asked her if she made videos with her dolls. It was cheese4065! We talked for a while, while my dad brought us updates from sarah's twitter page. After another half hour or so, prettypointedancer11 showed up, and we all shopped around and looked at dolls. My dad came in, and said that sarah had tweeted 7 minutes before, saying she was in the parking lot, walking in! WE SCREAMED!!! The whole store fell silent and everyone looked at us. I started freaking out, and while bouncing around, my autograph book tumbled off the balcony. Clumsy me... I had to dash down the escalator. I swung around the corner, and there she was. sarah. the sarah. the real stephenswodadancer. SARAH!!!!!! I thought I was going to faint. "Hi..!.." I said. "let me get my notebook."
After collecting my notebook (And myself) I kind of leaped back inside and handed the notepad to Sarah. I chatted nervously about how SHE IS MY IDOL for a minute, then ran back upstairs and got my new friends. I hope we did not scare anybody with our 40 mile an hour pace as we shot down the escalator. Babbling, we rushed up to sarah, and gave her piles of things to sign. Sarah seemed so shocked, but she was really nice to us! We chatted with her for a while and hmmmmm...... I am not sure what happened next, I was in a daze!

I have to go now, I might write more later!


  1. You were screaming when you met Sarah, as I would do if I met you. Funny how you had a huge inspiration then and now your my huge inspiration!


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