Hi, please read my last entry before reading this...

In the morning on sunday, I walked into the AG store, and Sarah said "hi" to me. That had to be the highlight of my trip. Sarah, stephenswodadancer, said HI to ME! We talked for a while, then she sent me downstairs to find Olivia. I spotted her standing by the bottom of the escalator, and we hurried upstairs. We chatted (or bothered) sarah for a while before heading downstairs, where we met agqueen43. Our parents crowded around and took pictures of us all together: agqueen43, stephenswodadancer, cheese4065 and me, basilmentos. It was so cool to meet them all, I was very sad when I had to leave for my plane flight back.


  1. she has a vid on her channel of the picture with you and her. i saw what you look like. But she only mentioned it was basilmentos one time. so not very many people know. PS. i <3 your blonde longish blonde hair!


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