Oh no!

Hello everyone.

I have terrible news.

There is a virus on my computer. I went to this one site, (wikipedia, I think) and when I closed it, about 20 other pages had opened up. They were plastered with innapropriate pictures. I shut down the computer immidetley, but I was not quick enough. Some sort of virus seeped into my computer, and now I can not upload videos to youtube.

I am really upset, because I keep trying to upload my 7sweetgotys video, but it just wont work. I have tried 7 times already. I think it is pointless.

So basically, I am posting this to let you all know why I wont be uploading videos. I am really REALLY annoyed with this too. I am so sorry. Hopefully it will be fixed by christmas. And dont worry, I will still be making videos, even though I cant upload them. So when imovie comes back to life, you will be getting a wave of uploads. :)

Thank you for reading this, I am going to try to do a webcam video so people will come to my blog and read this.

Thank you. I hope I can work this out.


  1. Go here http://housecall.trendmicro.com/au/ to get a free virus scan for your computer. You need to clean your computer before doing anything at all.

  2. That happened to my mom too. She was making some paper-crafts and googled some templates, then clicked the one she liked the best. Instead of the picture she wanted there right on the screen were a lot of innapropriate pictures I quickly exited the page. And soon I fixed the virus. So I guess I got a happy ending. XD


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