What doll am I dreaming of?

Hey guys!

For what seems like years, I have been drooling over the same dolls. I love them all for different reasons, and I wish I could have them all. I decided to finally show you all of the dolls on my list and explain why I want them, so enjoy!

I want a doll with curly hair....

But I sort of would like a brunette, but not too deep...

I would also like a doll with the jess face mold, It is so beautiful and unique.

I would also like a doll with medium skin, because she would look beautiful in my collection.

Lastly, I want a little girl with hazel eyes. Hazel eyes are gorgeous.

And those are all of my favorites! so now, why dont you combine them?

1. curly hair

2. brunette, but not too dark

3. jess face mold

4. medium skin

5. hazel eyes

Oh. My. Gosh.

When I added together all of my favorite dolls, I got:


Yes, It is true. I am absoloutley in love with kanani. I am so stunned by her beauty, and she is basically a combination of all my favorite dolls. How could I NOT want her?
Since I am dying to have her for my own, I am going to start a kanani fund. (gulp! Bye bye, allowance!) I may even start selling some of my doll clothes online. But who knows.

So I hope to see yall' round!

(And I hope to see kanani around too. Like maybe in my hands?)


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