Headless dolly!

Today, I pulled felicity out of her bed and heard a clunk. I looked down at the floor and there was her body, headless! It took me a minute to register what had happened. I was holding her head. her body was on the floor. Omigosh. I was a little freaked out at first, but it was more funny, running through a hoard of my brother's friends with a headless doll. My mom was shocked. She was afraid I was going to have to send felicity to the doll hospital. Again. (When I was 7 years old, felicity became the rope in a game of tug-of-war, resulting in the loss of an arm and leg.) But instead of breaking down, I knelt to the floor and untied her neck strings. I slipped her head into the the opening and tied it closed. It looked good as new.


What a relief.


  1. Oh!! That must have been a huge surprise! I would have started freaking out!

  2. Oh my goodness!! XD I would be freaking out! LOOL but tis pretty funny

  3. I don't know what I would have done! I would have probably just like stared until i figured out a way to fix it. Which would most likely take a long time

  4. I almost cried when I read the first part!

  5. one time i was just playing with my doll sarah and randomly her arm just plopped right off. she went to the hospatil though so now she is fine. but i was really youg so i cried about it but then my mom made a cast for me.

  6. lol! One time I picked Kanani up and looked away.... When I looked back, she was headless! XD It was scary! I even took a funny pic of her head looking down on her body!


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