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Hey everyone!

Yeah, I know I have not posted in a while, but does anybody? I feel like every blog I visit has that little introduction: "sorry I have not posted in a long time..."

I met americangirl077 and americangirl088 a few weeks ago, and we had such a fun time! They are seriously some of the nicest girls I have ever met, and we spent a fabulous afternoon creating a stopmotion. The begining was fantastic. We were not bored yet, and spent our precious time carefully moving the doll's feet and arms. (Of course we also had to duck inside everytime a car went by!) By the end of the stopmotion though, our main system was lydia (americangirl088) Holding the camera on her knee and taking photos in rapid fire, while marissa (americangirl077) and I attempted to move the dolls. I am almost positive that most of the pictures turned out blurry, and full of falling dolls and my hands. It was definetley worth it though. The blurryness just shows how hard we were laughing. :)

I also made an enourmous stopmotion today. It would have been up hours ago, but I am having computer issues. Again. I may have to upload it in parts... :P

So tell me... How are you guys doing? Please take my polls on the side, I love looking at the results! I am sorta dissapointed that kanani is everyones favorite. I mean yes, she is beautiful. Its just that I think people are only voting for her because she is new, and are maybe forgeting about all the older dolls. So please give me your HONEST opinon. Who IS your favorite girl of the year doll? :)


  1. {I would just like to point out, you forgot marison in the goty poll}
    I agree on the Kanani thing. Seriously, she's just a combo of marisol and jess! get over her people!
    Your blog is so incredible cute, by the way!

  2. I voted Mia because she truely is my favorite even though Lanie, Jess, and Kanani come in second. :)


  3. My favorite is Lanie because she is very pretty.

  4. Hello, If you are going to change the name of Sarah, I would recommend you change it to Harmony!! You are such a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice with a beautiful channel.... Is your name Montana? I met someone with the exact same amazing voice as you so I was wondering if you were that person!! ha-ha have a good day!

  5. I voted Lanie because she was my all time fav, Kanani is really pretty but Lanie was my favourite out of all of them.

  6. I love marisol because she is a lot like me.

  7. Marisol, Mia, Chrissa, Sonali, Gwen and Jess


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