Hate epidemic

There is a terrible disease spreading around the youtube community. Hate. Hate is a form of jelousy that seeps into the minds of weak people. These people then hide behind their computer screens and post rude comments on others youtube channels, starting wars and causing some to evacuate youtube. For all you haters out there, I have a little way to sum this up.


Haters infect almost every youtube channel. If you have them, dont worry, its normal, and a hate infestation can be cured. My form of vaccination? Laugh it off. The only reason haters comment rude things on your videos is because they are plauged with jealousy. They probably wish they were living your life. If they want to take their time posting some stupid, irrelevant comment on your videos, thats their problem! Dont listen to the cyberbullies. They are just envious of you.
And remember guys, we are all in this together. Dont let haters bring you down.


  1. this is so true! I've seen so many people leave because of them.


  2. Do the cyber-bullies know that in the US, only in 3 states bullying is not illegal? If they live in the US, they are breaking laws! Hey, basilmentos, can you watch this video? Or anyone else who has ever bullied, been bullied or was a bystander during bullying, please watch this video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKeNh6xgKTg
    I would appreciate it if you do.

  3. Sorry, this is not related, but...how did you make the header with the individual links inside it with the dolls and all? I LOVE it and would love to do it on my blog.
    Please tell me how! :D

  4. @Kaye, what's up with the SummerDisneyChannel comments? That's cyberbullying right?

  5. that is my fav video by you !!! how dare they..

    rock on anna

  6. This is off-topic but how do you make all of your dolls voices sound so different, I'm struggling with that


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