Outrageous AG

Outrageous American Girl

Last week, my american girl catolouge arrived in the mail. I was flipping causually through it, enjoying the new historicals, Cecile and Marie-Grace. I skimmed the pages. They had lots of new furniture, but it all looked very plastic-y. Cecile's bed reminded me of something I bought a walmart a few years back. Then I looked at the price. NO WAY. $125! This was impossible! I looked again, hoping that maybe my eyes were deceiving me. It still said $125. Oh my goodness! I thought. The bed was not all that good looking, made out of cheap materials, and came with very few accessories. How could it cost $125!?

I turned a couple more pages and came across a banquet-like table and treats set for Cecile and Marie-grace. Some of the treats adorning the top of the simple (yet kind of ugly) tablecloth looked like upside down cupcake bottoms. Others looked like tan golf balls with a splat of mustard on top, resting on a bed of jello-like green plastic. Not exactly appealing. There were a few other treats as well, some of which were recognizable as actual food. Chocolate, cupcakes, and a big cake (which looks more like 3 flowery boxes stacked on top of each other). The whole design was fairly simple, but still not classy or appealing. I looked at the price.




There it was, that big, fat, ugly price of $150. I thought I was going to faint. How was this even… possible!? The table is not a particularly cute item-at all! And who would buy it for $150? Wow, American Girl. Really?

Scanning the other pages, I realized that many other items were exceedingly overpriced. American girl has always been expensive, but never charging $20 for a set of little glittery gloves, a equally princessy mask and sparkling fairy wings. Its starting to remind me of barbie. Seriously. I don't have anything against glittery barbie fairy princesses, but for American Girl!?

It was not just Cecile and Marie-Grace that had overpriced items. Flipping through the "My American Girl" section, the piano caught my eye. A few years back, American Girl made an adorable grand piano. I remember being about 9 years old, and wanting it VERY badly. Of course at the time I could not save up enough money to purchase the piano-it cost a hefty $80. Last week, skipping through that catolouge I saw it again, this time costing a whooping $150. Thats $70 more than last time! It was expensive back in the days when it cost $80, but its current price makes the old one look like a deal! I am seriously shocked. Its kind of unfair actually. American Girl makes its products in big factories these days, and there is no guarantee of safe conditions for the factory workers. Who knows how much American Girl pays them? Definetly not enough to charge $150 for a doll sized piano. I don't think AG should be charging even close to this much, because the quality of there products is going down, and we, the customers of American Girl, do not know what the situation is like in their factories. If American Girls wants to continue the skyrocket of their prices, they should require safe working conditions in their factories, and produce quality products-not the cheap, junky ones that they are beginning to sell.

I think we need to start a protest here.


  1. Anna,
    you should watch my protest video on youtube :) TONS of people are already participating in it! it's on youtube.com/agbydesign

  2. Yes, it's crazy! Although we can't protest it. I mean there are so many reasons that AG has their items overpriced. Inflation and manufacturing.. all that type of stuff. A tad bit too overpriced, but can we really stand boycotting AG? We should just gently contact American Girl, and tell them that their items are overpriced.

  3. Protest for sure!! Hey, I've been doing a lot of protesting lately... ;)

  4. yes we should protest i sent 2 e-mails to them about it and they never even e-mailed back (and yes i did give them my e-mail address to message me back but they never did) so what do you think i should do about that?.

    ~11PHAEDRA~ * <3

  5. 4 no particular reason, how many TV shows have u done or r u doing?


  7. Yeah american girl's stuff is WAY to overpriced. i can see why the dolls are $100; they are really nice and will last for a LONG time. but a lot of the accessories cost more than a doll itself. i would rather buy a doll and an outfit than just get one piano for $150!!

  8. they should not do this i mean ags r 7 dollars from a website made by the factorie workers smuggling out the dolls AND i mean if they would be made in AMERICA =they woud porb cost less soooo american girl dont be stupid and make your consumers happy

  9. Thanks for the comments, girls! I talked to my dad (he used to work in manufacturing) and it turns out that it should cost about $2-$10 to make an american girl doll. WOW! When you add an extra $5 of shipping costs for AG, that only comes to about $10. It seems really unfair for AG to charge ten times as much as it costs to make and ship their product!

    1. Wow...Just..wow. How could we pay that much for a doll when their really $10?


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