Doll car-For free!

American girl recently came out will a doll sized car for Julie's historical collection. It is absolutley adorable, and I wanted to buy it so badly! Unfortunetly, we all know it is going to cost a whooping amount of money, probably between 200-300 $. Since that is simply ridiculous, and I can not afford to spend that kind of money on one item, I made my own! I now have an american girl doll convertable! Check it out! Here is a front view:
And here is a view from the back:
I made the car using a cardboard box, packing tape, old bent castors from a rolling chair, spray paint and a few print-outs from the internet. It was pretty much free! Don't support american girl's outrageous prices. Make your own!


  1. This is so good! I like it more then Julies car!
    LOL, I wonder if anyone would buy a doll car for 350$!

  2. I couldn't agree w/ you more, Anna! I really cannot see any parent consenting to buy a TOY CAR that would be a monthly payment on a REAL ONE. My Froggy Stuff also has a craft on how to make a doll car. I like yours too, Anna. You could probably make a windshield from the plastic from a window packing box. Just a thought.

  3. OMG!! Anna this is AMAZING!!
    It looks sooo good!!
    I might just have to make one myself!!
    Beat that american girl!!

  4. This is SUCH an creative idea! :D
    I ADORE AG's car but yours is JUST as cute! :D

  5. $350 is WAY too much for a doll car :P Thanks so much for these photos Anna! I'll probably end up making one of these if I ever need to use a car in a series! :D I love your 'do it yourself' outlook on everything :) It's lovely! :D
    -charlotte <3

  6. I am so going to make that.
    It looks so awesome!!!!

  7. this is really cute!! i cannot wait to make one myself! thanks so much for the idea...that is, if i can use it :) i hope so :) hey i had an idea for an agsm and i would do it myself...but then i thought i would be so amazing to see what you would do with the idea...i just thought an agsm of your dolls going to the farmers market would be so cute :) haha that is all :)

  8. Great idea! If you ever want a real doll car, I got an Our Generation pink Jeep for about 40$ for christmas. You could probably find one for sale somewhere if you don't want to pay lots of cash for an AG one!

  9. You're creativity is amazing, Anna! I love your YouTube and your blog, and I've seen all of your videos! You're my idol! I started making YouTube videos because of you! I also love your confidence that American Girl's prices cant rule our lives! Sometimes we just need to be creative and get out there and stand up for what we believe in! The car is so cute! A free car versus a 300 dollar car is so much better, and It has a piece of yourself in it. And it's more fun to say that you made this from scratch instead of saying yeah I bought this for 300 dollars! I love your blog and you're a true inspiration. Me and my friends love you! Thanks :)

    ~Alyssa :)

  10. Hi Anna,
    awesome car!! Once I made one for my doll! But i don't have it any more because I fell on it so I had to recycle it.(clumsy me) You're a huge inspiration I watch your videos all the time! Your the reason I love making stop-motions!


  11. Actually, I think the car is more than 300 dollars, at least that's the price I saw. Way to recycle! Save the green!

  12. Wow, Anna this American Girl doll car you made is amazing:D You did such a wonderful job making it!

  13. your right i made a shelf for my doll

  14. This is amazing, Anna!! For everyone who has trouble getting supplies to make this, you can instead get the Our Generation jeep. I've had mine for ages now, and it is still in really good condition. Considering how much Julie's car is, it is sooo cheap as well, but this homemade car is probably the cheapest AG car you can get. Great work, Anna!!

    Reply 'Me Too :)' if you are reading this in 2015!!


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