School kills my videos.

Lots has been going on lately. School has started, and my social and academic life are taking over. I am not excited for school this year. I like learning and I love being around other people, but school just takes up so much time. I do track and field and have many hours of homework every night. Just keeping up with those things and managing to get some sleep is already difficult. This year, I have set my priorities. I am going to try my best in every class, and start working on term papers earlier. No more late night cramming.
I am also going to keep up with my social life. I am a bit anti-social sometimes, so it is really important that I spend more time with friends. I might hang out with them after school some days, when I don't have so much homework to do.
So this is how the average day looks:
7:00 AM - wake up, get ready for school
8:00 AM school starts
3:30 PM school ends
4:00 PM track practice starts
6:00 PM track practice ends
6:30 PM make and eat dinner
7:30 PM start homework
10:00 PM finish homework
10:00 PM waste time on the computer
11:00 PM go to bed

So I know what you are all thinking. When will I make videos!? The answer so far is that I don't know. I am thinking of dedicating my sundays (saturdays are for socializing) to video making. The only problem is that this can be rather in-consistent. I may not be able to make a video every sunday, because I will sometimes have sleepovers or babysitting or a million other things to do.
You guys are going to be video-deprived for a while, because I will not be posting NEARLY as often as I do now. I am really sorry. I wish I could just make videos all day. I cant though. School and social life come first.
My goal is to post a video every 1 or 2 weeks. I may not always keep up with this however, so please do not be mad at me. I really appreciate my fans and I hate to let you down like this, but there is simply no choice. I still love my dolls and making videos, but this coming school year is going to slow things down a bit.
To help keep my video making on track, I have made a little notebook. There are pages for brainstorming videos, pages where I can keep track of videos I need to edit, and pages where I can work on storyboarding. This notebook is going to be my lifeline and I am hoping it keeps me afloat. But for now, happy first day of school!
To keep the videos coming this year, you guys can give me some input. Take the poll below and tell me what kind of videos you want to see. :)


  1. I absolutely understand.. I really hate that school takes up so much of our time. I don't understand why we have to go to school for about 6 hours, and then go home to do 2 MORE hours of school. :| I wish I could make videos all day too, but I'm busy with school and homework. Not to talk about 23 hours of competitive gymnastics practices a week. Ahhh, I'm gonna be so busy. Don't worry. We wont blame you if you don't have videos up. I'm sure we all understand. We all go through the same things. :)

    And happy first day of school! I love your "new blog" BTW. :D It's so cute!

  2. I totally understand too and do videos when you really have time and feel lIke doing them.

  3. It's okay :) I start school in a couple weeks, and I won't have nearly as much time either! I've already had to drop out of soccer since that's 15 hours a week. And since I take an advanced math class I have twice as much homework as all my friends! We won't blame you for no new videos, because most of us will be so busy we won't have much time for youtube anyways :)

    I am loving your new blog! Also since you won't be able to post as much maybe blog more? I love reading your blog!

    School is so annoying D:

  4. Its ok Basilmentos,school and social life always comes first! Blogging and video-making can be done some other time when you are free :) I don't like school at all wish it was not there!

  5. We understand.
    School comes first, Videos next.
    But don't work to hard!!!!! :)

  6. He he I have to agree with you on the social life xD I kind of "put it aside" too ;P But this year, its going to be different {I hope ;P}! Its totally fine if you dont make as many videos! We have plenty to watch until you have time for them <3

  7. We totally understand Anna!
    Don't worry about it! Everyone goes to school and deals with tight schedules!


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