Super cute dollies!

A few days ago during a tinychat party I mentioned that there are many dolls I love and think are super cute, but I would never actually buy. (My collection is already big enough and I adore the dolls I already have, so why should I buy another one?) Many of you guys wanted to see these dolls I like, so here they are. I guess you could say this is my updated doll wish-list!

1. This is my favorite doll that I don't have. For years I have wanted a doll with some sort of afro, and here she is! I think she is beautiful, and I love her deep complexion. Her hair is delightful and unlike any of my other dolls. She would be loads of fun. 

2. I think this doll is so beautiful! However she looks a lot like Nali, and I am not sure she would really complement my collection. They used to sell a version of her with bangs, which I liked much better. I am so sad they took that doll away! :(

3. This doll is so cute! I love her curly hair, her eye color and of course, her freckles! 

4. I have actually wanted Ivy on and off for the past few years. I don't have any asian dolls, and I would like my collection to be diverse. She also has a haircut that is unique from my other dolls.

5. Cecile is just gorgeous. I love her skin, hair and eyes. However, she is kind of a cross between Nali and Eva, and therefore would not be a good addition to my collection.

Those are all of the dolls that I like! I highly doubt I will actually buy any of them (because I already have 6 dolls, which is definetly enough!) but I still think they are beautiful. What dolls are you guys dreaming of?


  1. They all so pretty! My favorite ones are Cecile and the first doll with the afro like hair.

  2. I ♥ option 5!!! I ♥ how you did your collection! I wish I thought of that awesome idea when I started to get my dolls. Follow your heart to pick the doll you want (if you want a doll). 16,050 subscribers on your youtube! WOW!!!

    ~❀☮ Pupukεɑgɩrℓ

  3. I definitely think that option 1 would be the best addition to your collection because she is so diverse! And so different from all the other dolls American Girl has created.. ;) I always wanted a doll with an afro, but I would be so scared to mess up her hair.. xD Anyways, that's just my opinion. The choice of which doll to get is always difficult, but just follow your heart.. <3 If you ARE gonna get another doll. ;D I always loved watching your collection grow because I really love your taste in dolls. And in the past few years, you have gotten one every year, so it's always a mystery "which one basilmentos will get next"! xD

  4. I almost can't choose! I think if I was you I'll get for number 3. I love her curls and - just like you- her little freckles! My dollie-friend Gilly got little freckles too. Do you already know a name? I'll go for Emily, if I was you. Hope you can decide :D
    Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

  5. oh! here I'll help you decide!

    1. (#58) Well, I don't like her much, but if you do, that's all that matters! She is definitely a very nice doll and would complement your collection well.
    2. Um... well we have different opinions then... ^^"
    3. (#56) OMG my friend has this doll and she is just the cutest one you can buy. Here's a photoshoot with her, if you want to see her in real life: There are only 2 reasons you shouldn't get her:
    1. Her hair is very difficult.
    2. If you want your collection to be diverse, I think she's too similar to Sarah.
    4. (Ivy) Ivy is my favorite historical! I don't have any historicals other than Samantha (whom I inherited, instead of choosing x-) so I guess I'm not one to say, but I think you should get Ivy!
    5. Cecille is definitely a nice doll and goes with your collection, but, I don't know, I don't like her for some reason. :-/

    Anyway I hope this kinda helps, if you do decide to get one! :-)


    1. Yes, number two would be similar to Sarah, but Anna only has one blondie. If you add her in, it'll only be a little more blonde :)

    2. BASICALLY, all the dolls you seem not to like are the dark-skin ones.

  6. Get Ivy. I have her, and her hair is so amazingly easy to take care of so she's perfect to take pretty much anywhere, and her boots you get in her arrival outfit are to DIE FOR! I just love them!

  7. I think that the afro is my favorite. I just like her face shape more than the other black dolls. Also, Ivy seems like a fun doll, and her strait hair would be very easy to take care of, but I'd change her name. Cecile and Marie Grace are not my favorite. Number 3's freckles are acorable, and would also be fun for your diverse collection. If AG took away a doll that looks like #2, then I wouldn't get a not as good replacement. Choose from your others. This is my opinion.

  8. I really really want Lanie Holland, but of course on Ebay she's like 200$. I think I might just get Caroline since they look so much alike, but this all depends on whether I like girl of the year 2013.

    <3 allenvid101

  9. I like 2 because she is like my addy doll.
    Peace 4ever! -Audrey

  10. I love doll #1/#58 because I have her. She is a great doll! My favourite thing about her is her hair! AFRO!! I also love Ivy! She is adorable and I have found my self liking her too! Anna your awesome! You are my role model!



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