Doll sized... Gas Pump!?

     This weekend I visited a small town with my family. We stayed at our friends little cottage, and I spent my days filming and roaming the little stores on the downtown street. On a particular window shopping excursion, I came across an eclectic gift shop, with windows boasting vintage lace and woven baskets, old fashioned clocks, trinkets, jewelry and.... a doll sized gas pump.
I was just casually strolling by, absent mindedly surveying the window display when it caught my eye. I stopped in my tracks. Coming closer, I took in the details of this strange object. It was about as tall as an American Girl doll, vintage and chipped, but surprisingly realistic.
Immediately, stop-motion ideas began to swim in my head. City scenes, driving scenes, backgrounds for my sets-- It was PERFECT.
     Unfortunately, I didn't have any money with me (I had chosen to come without money to prevent myself from buying random trinkets that I don't need!) so I couldn't purchase it right then on the spot. By the time I got home, everyone was sitting down for dinner, so I couldn't go back to the shop. I ate dinner, filmed a little, and then went to bed.
     The gas pump was in my dreams all night.
     Weird, I know.
     I think it's just the fact that it's SO unusual-- I have never seen a doll sized gas pump before! It was so detailed, and so perfectly sized... And I had fallen in love.

     The next day, I went back to the shop. I brought my doll with me, just to measure the gas pump against her and make sure it was the right size. I was ushered to the lower floor, where they were stashed, and a nice lady got one out for me. I took Felicity out of my bag and stood her up next to the gas pump. It was the perfect size!

     At this point, I only had one thing to fear.

     The price.

     My dad and I had discussed it earlier in the afternoon: he figured it would cost $100, and I was estimating $65. It is a vintage looking thing, and we both assumed that it was a rare collectors item, which would most likely result in a hefty price. Though I wanted it DESPERATELY, I decided that if it cost over $50, I would not buy it. I mean, it's a doll sized gas pump. Do I really need a doll sized gas pump? I wasn't willing to spend any ridiculous amount, but it was so cute...

     Thank goodness. It was my lucky day.

     The strange, doll sized, vintage gas pump that I had drooled over for the past 2 days cost me $30.


     I was ecstatic.

     So, at last, the moment you have all been waiting for.
You may now witness the beauty of a very strange phenomenon-- a doll sized gas pump.

Full view: it is the perfect size for an American Girl doll!

A spinning decoration on top, can be removed by unscrewing from the inside.

A glimpse at the bottom of the gas pump-- You can see how the paint is worn down for a "vintage" look.

This may be my favorite part: The little... errr... I don't know what you call it. The thing that shows the numbers as you are pumping gas! It is so detailed! 

I am so excited to use this treasure in some of my upcoming stopmotions! I am not sure how I will use it-- yet! ;)
Stay tuned! And thanks for reading!


  1. anna ur so lucky!

  2. Anna, you are SOOOO funny! I was laughing when you said "The gas pump was in my dreams" and "I had fallen in love" You are so funny! (Just like ME! lol we would get along very well.....)
    you are my all time favorite AGtuber! you make AMAZING stop motions!


  3. This is SO COOL! I can't wait to see the stop motion that you make using this!

  4. Wow! Haha! I can't wait to see what you make with this in your set! It is just so... perfect! Felicity looks super cute standing next to it.

    - AGsewer :)

  5. that is super cute! I love it and ive been wanting to ask you ... when are you going to make a stopmotion with Gabby in it she has only been in two or three videos of your? <3

  6. Haha, this is really funny!! You are a great writer :) Can't wait to see what kind of video THIS will make!

  7. love it! too bad you don't have julie's car! they would go perfect together!

    1. hi its me gracey from the gracey (papers please check out my blog! me and my mom love your vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I always get attached to the funniest doll things to!

  9. The things you find in old shops! I found a wicker doll bed for $25! Great find Anna!

  10. That is soo amazing! I can't wait to see your videos soon!

  11. How adorable. If you need cars, check out kkollect's youtube videos about customizing Barbie cars to fit AG dolls. I wonder if the old song "I get my kicks on route 66" is still under copyright. That would be such cute music to include.

    1. I just found out that Molly had a route 66 adventure with an outfit and accessories. Here is a link:'s_Route_66_Adventure

  12. When I read that it was in your dreams, I thought awkward.

  13. Ohmygosh Anna that is absolutely ADORABLE. <3

  14. Adorable :D
    You always come across the most amazing things!

  15. OMG Anna! Congrats! The Pas Pump Was So adoriable when you were showing out pictures.. I cant wait to see all the cute Ideas your gonna do with it! :DD

  16. The gas pump is soooooo cute! I can't wait to see your upcoming stop motions. You are like the queen of stopmotioning! It looks so vintage and is perfect for an outdoors stop motion. Oh and can you make a video of how Felicity turns out after she visits the doll hospital. Thanks you!

  17. So adorable, Anna. The only thing better than vintage is doll sized vintage! :P

  18. that is amazing that u found that

  19. Thats sooo lucky! I have wanted to do a stopmotion and once I saw your video, how to do a stopmotion, I clicked on it quickly and was amazed!\

  20. You are soooooooooo lucky!!! I want one!!!!!!!! I wish I could find things like that in the UK!!!

  21. I've seen those before! They're really cute! :)

  22. that would look so cute next to Julie's car!


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