Christmas Haul!

Hey everyone! A lot of people have asked to see what I received for Christmas this year, so I figured I would do a blog post about it. I am going to be including everything, even the human stuff!

I am going to start with the stuff I got from AG.

Here are the modern outfits that I recieved. (All of these are available in the AG catalogue, store and website.)

Sweater outfit- I have had my eye on this outfit for a while now. I love the thick, knit sweater; the way it fits around the doll's neck is quite stylish. The leggings are also very versatile, so they are a great item to have on hand.

Purple Peacock PJs- I love this set! The color is super cute, and the design is simple and fun. I actually wanted these for Ellie, because she doesn't have any PJs yet.

AG holiday dress 2013- This outfit is gorgeous! The design is so elegant, and the color is beautiful. It is probably one of my favorite holiday dresses AmericanGirl has ever made.

Now, lets take a look at all the retired outfits I received! (No longer available from AmericanGirl, must be purchased second-hand)

Kailey's Surf and Snorkel Set- Kailey was the girl of the year back in 2004, so this outfit is pretty rare! The bikini is absolutely darling, and I love the little snorkel set! I can't wait to use this one in my videos!

Yankees Jacket and Cap- This very exclusive AmericanGirl Yankees Jacket was sold to guests at the Yankees stadium in 2003. I feel so lucky to have this item in my possession- it is quite rare. It is also very cute, and I think it will look great on film! 

Track Suit- This ensemble is just adorable! I love the track pants- they have a very realistic, soft elastic waistband. The fabric is velvety, and it looks just like a real tracksuit!

As some of you may know, my mom is really good at sewing. She likes to make doll clothes for me, and for Christmas, she gave me a bunch of handmade pieces! They are all beautiful, and they are especially meaningful because they are home-made.

Patterned Pants- These pants are just darling! The pattern is playful and lighthearted, and of course, they are beautifully made.

Slouchy Tee and Blue Leggings- My mom made both of these pieces, and I think they go really well together. The slouchy tee is bright and fun, and the leggings are sooo soft; they are both wonderful pieces and I can't wait to use them in my videos!

Little Black Dress- This dress is just gorgeous, and exquisitely made! The layer underneath is metallic, and the layer on top is a soft mesh. The two work together to create an elegant and exciting look. I love the way the fabric hangs- it is just beautiful!

Denim Skirt(s)- Sweet little denim skirts! These are always great to have on hand! (My mom also made a red one, but it is currently being used for a video and could not be featured in this photoshoot)

Those are all the clothing items I received this year. Now, on to the accessories! 

The first AG accessory I received was a doll sized barbecue! It is retired from AmericanGirl, so it is only available on ebay. (They usually sell for around $30, but it can be hard to find one in good condition.) It is such a cute item! I can already imagine all the videos- it is going to be a big hit this summer!

A view of the inside: there are coals beneath the grate!

The final item I received was the delicious dinner set! It comes with so many pieces and I think it is going to look great on film. 

A closer look at the ice cream. What incredible detail!

Those are all the doll things I received this Christmas! I also got a few human things (shown below), but as usual, it was mostly doll stuff! I can't believe it sometimes. Here I am, in highschool, getting doll clothes for Christmas! Its just wonderful! 
Here's to never growing up! 
And Merry Christmas, too!


  1. Cool! I can't wait for a snorkeling video! Meryl Christmas Anna!

  2. Merry Christmas Anna! All your stuff were amazingly awesome!

  3. i have wanted the cozy sweater outfit for a while it look great on julia

  4. I got the pink sweater set too! xD
    I found that the shoes don’t stay on well though.
    You got great stuff! I love that barbecue. :)

  5. I <3 the grill! I got Mia for Christmas and I'm renaming her Anastasia!

  6. Great Haul! The main thing I got for Christmas was Cecile.

  7. I got the cozy sweater outfit too! It's my new favorite outfit!

  8. Awesome additions to your doll wardrobe and accessories. I got a few things from my Molly wishlist. :)
    I love Archie comics too.

  9. Here's To Never Growing Up! CHEERS! :D

  10. Yep. Then your friends ask: What did you get for Christmas...


    Cheers to never growing up!

  11. I love the grill, you should include it into your next video. Your mom is such a good sewer!!!!!!

  12. I love the Sweater Outfit!!! Your mom is an amazing sewer!!!


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