Important Meet-Up Information!

Since the AGP San Fran meet-up is steadily approaching, I figured I should announce some details concerning the logistics of the day. This blog post is essentially a guidebook for those who plan to attend. Read carefully, and get excited! The meet-and-greet is less than 2 weeks away!

I am not responsible for children attending this meet-and-greet: parental supervision is required. This means that any child attending the event must be accompanied by a parent, and said parent must keep their child within eyesight at all times. This requirement helps ensure the overall safety and comfort during the meet-up. Parents, if you plan to go shopping around the mall, please take your child with you.

Location: The expected turnout for this meet-up is large (90+ people!), so it is not feasible to center our activity inside the AG store. Instead, we will meet outside, in the adjacent plaza. Below I have attached a photo (courtesy of google images) that shows the plaza area. Since we will be outside, remember to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a jacket.
I will stay outside for most of the meet-and-greet, but I encourage others to explore the AG store. Try on doll clothes, visit the hair salon or eat at the cafĂ©-- don't feel confined in the courtyard location. If you get hungry at some point during the meet-up, there is a large selection of restaurants within the mall to choose from.

Timing: I will arrive at the Stanford Shopping Center at approximately 11:30 on Saturday morning. I plan to stay until 2:30. At some point during the meet-up, I may need to take a private lunch/relaxation break, but that should only take about 15 minutes. 
Since there are so many people coming, I will not be able to devote much time to meeting each and every person. I will try my best, however, to give an autograph/take a doll photo with every attendee.

Atmosphere: With more than 90 people attending, the key to a successful day is to be calm, sharing and respectful. 
Some important things to keep in mind: 
1. Noise level: We don't want to disturb any of the surrounding businesses with our meet-up event. This means we have to keep our group at a low noise level-- no excessive yelling or squealing, no matter how tempting it is. 
2. Crowding: We should be careful to leave room in walkways and store entrances, so that other shoppers don't have to work their way around us. 
3. Respect: Treat all fellow shoppers and employees with respect. We want this to be a fun day for everyone!

Goal: I hope that this meet-up is a relaxed, fun and memorable experience for all participants. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit the AG store, make new friends who share a similar interest and do collaboration photo-shoots. 
I envision an event where everyone interacts. Reach out to the people standing around you, make new friends, share the latest AG news, talk about dolls, take photos etc. I will try my best to walk around and greet everyone who shows up. Just remember, it is not about me-- it is about you. Consider this day an opportunity to reach out and make friends and visit the AG store with them.

I am thrilled to host this meet-and-greet, and I can't wait to meet you all.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you on the 15th!


  1. Sounds like you (and everyone who is attending the meetup) will have a blast! I went last month and had a very fun trip myself, but sadly (since we went a month ago) I can't go to the meetup. But I'm sure you'll have lots of fun! The store was really cool ;)
    Have fun!

  2. Hi Anna!

    It's Mika, just wanted to say that if your ever in Chicago, please host a meet-up! I would love to meet you, and I may fly into San Fran to see you!

  3. I sent this to my mom thanks so much and she says thanks to you too

  4. Wow, I'm not able to go, but I love your planning! You have everything figured out! Just make sure that you have time to shop in the store yourself. I hope you have fun!

  5. Please do one in Seattle next time your there!

  6. I will be there!!! Can't wait!!! So this is more of a meet and greet then a meet up right?

  7. I live in the uk so I am unable to go but I am still very gratefull that Anna is doing a meetup,it just shows how kind hearted she is xxx

  8. I would go! That would be the best experience of my life! I live in Utah, so I won't be going! I totally wish I could!!!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Elvin Hill Elementary
    201 Washington street
    Columbiana, AL 35051
    Dear Miss Anna basilmentos,
    I know you hear this alot, but I'm your number one fan. My name is laurel and I'm in fifth grade. I go to Elvin Hill Elementary in Columbiana, Alabama. We are having a celebrity auction to benefit our school for purchase of educational items. If you are gracious enough, would you please donate an autographed poster of your dolls holding your logo? You are my inspiration. For my birthday in December, I got my first doll. I never would have thought I would already have seven! Your dolls are beautiful on camera and your videos are high quality. Someday I hope to be as big a star on YouTube as you are. Thank you for your consideration! Sincerly, perfect peppermint,( my YouTube Account)

    1. I feel the same way! She's the one who got me into stopmotion making and getting a doll! I want to be discovered, too! Anna is AMAZING!

  11. I'm so excited to meet all these agtubers!!! I hope it hasn't been to hard and stressful for you to set up with school and such.

  12. Luv your videos so much!!!!!!

  13. I have one question,
    I'll be making a video on my channel at the meetup and I was wondering if i should blur your face in my video. I hope that makes since to you. Thanks, thedolly trolley

  14. Next time PLEASE do your meet up in New York because I'm your biggest fan, and I have a special condition where I have a walker

  15. the meet up was soooo fun! Thanks ANNA!

  16. Sounds fun you should host one in Seattle at one point!!

  17. You have got to be kidding me! You had a meet up at the store closest to me, and I missed it! Please do another one, please!

  18. Please have a meetup at the AGP LA! Anywhere else I wouldn't be able to come..but it was fun watching the meetup on YouTube!


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