New doll!

I bought a new doll! She is #61, AmericanGirl's newest release.

A lot of you are probably wondering why I got her. She entered the basilmentos crew completely out of the blue, and she looks an awful lot like Felicity....
Well, there is a reason I bought her. And I am here to explain.
Let's start from the beginning.
My Felicity doll is nearly 13 years old. She has been through it all, from floating down streams to falling out of trees. Her hair is staticy, her left eye no longer functions, she can barely stand, and sometimes, her head falls off. She is a beautiful doll, and she holds a lot of sentimental value for me, but with her wobbly body and wonky eye, she is no longer useful in stopmotions. In fact, she is frustrating at best-- when I try to film with her I usually end up in tears.
For the past couple years, I have considered sending her in to the doll hospital. However, since her condition is so poor, the doll hospital's remedy would be a head replacement. The scars and scrubs on her face are what make felicity unique, and I would hate to lose them if she got her head replaced. So, instead of looking to fix her ailments, I decided to appreciate her flaws, and I kept her around for sentimental purposes.
I am particularly fond of felicity's coloring: her striking green eyes and her auburn hair. Since she was out of commission for video-making, I began to miss it. So, I decided to buy a new doll who looks like her. The dolls are different-- Felicity is a retired historical, and the new one is MAG #61-- but they look quite similar. Hopefully, my new doll will bring that spark of red hair back to basilmentos stopmotions.
As for Felicity, she will live the easy life. She gets to stay in the basilmentos household, lounge around, and occasionally, play a minor role in one of my movies. The new doll will join the basilmentos family and develop her own new personality and identity.
I am thrilled by my purchase: I think the new doll will bring diversity to the basilmentos filming cast. Not to mention, she is absolutely stunning, and photographs beautifully! I have yet to decide on a name, but I will be sure to let you guys know when I come up with one.


  1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you got her, she's such a beautiful doll and I can't wait to see what you'll do with her!

    1. ok my names are
      Nora, Carleigh (pronounced carly), Baylee, Gail, Genevieve, Jezebel, Rain, and August
      Hope you like them

    2. Such a good idea to save Felicity for sentimental causes.☺️
      I think a good name for the new doll would be Fiona because it sort of sounds like Felicity. Or Delaney

  2. I think she's gorgeous and fits in perfectly! I think a good name might be Sabina or Ciarra

  3. For some name suggestions: Amelia, Willow/Willa, or Susan.
    She's a beautiful doll! I would buy her, but she looks too much like my #37.

  4. I love that you got #61 because i just ordered her today!!! The names i would suggest are Leah, Rose , or A.J . My youtube name is americangirlloveizzy fan!!

  5. #61 really is gorgeous and we are tempted to order her, too, even though we have Felicity and Saige. She is unique and beautiful!

  6. Congratulations! I can't wait to see her in your videos :)

  7. #61 really is a beautiful doll! Maybe you could name her something that sounds like Felicity, like Elise or Alyssa. You could also name her a virtue name, like Love or Honor (I'm obsessed with virtue names right now!) Or an elemental name, like River or Ash. Congratulations on your new doll, and I can't wait to see her in your new videos!

    P.S. I'm really ForeverWithDolls on YouTube. I'm using my different Google username (it didn't like ForeverWithDolls) and I'm not allowed to have a blog. :(

  8. She's beautiful! I am happy for you :)
    I think Clary would be a cute name, because she looks so much like Clary from The Mortal Instruments series! I cannot wait to see her in your videos!

    XOXO, Pretty Lilly AG

  9. That was a wonderful decision! #61 looks georgeous in those photos! :) I don't have any specific name ideas, but when choosing a name, I usually start by figuring out what letter it begins with, and then, I look on baby name websites. Also, I think of a name that has a connection to me with family or friends.

    ~ Mint

  10. Ahh, congratulations on MAG #61! She is so pretty. I think a good name for her is Rose or Rosie!

  11. Congratulations! She is a beautiful doll. I will miss seeing Felicity in stop motions but I tottaly understand why it would be hard to use her. Have fun with your new doll!
    TheDolly trolley

  12. Are you going to make a stopmotion with her soon,Anna?

  13. Wow, she's going to be a great stand in for Felicity. I can see why you don't want her head replaced. Also, you could tie her head on once it falls off again, just tie it Reallllly tightly. Also, I thought you sent Felicity to the doll hospital for an eye replacment, didn't you? Or maybe that was someone else... I don't know. She's a BEAUTIFUL doll though, I can tell you're going to have fun with her. and while your're reading this, there is a HUGE clearance sale at american girl (I don't know if you know about this already or not) like prices 50% off. I totally recommend you check it out.

  14. She is gorgeous in Ivy's Romper!!! I'm so relieved that you didn't send Felicity to the Doll Hospital (or replace her!) She is the doll that started Basilmentos!!!! You and her have so much history and are like two peas in a pod. Overall, I am so glad that you got her, she will make a great addition to the Basilmentos family!!!

    P.S: Anna, My blog is currently on private, but if you would like to check it out, add me and hangout me on Google+, and I will invite you to become a reader (it's about AG dolls of course!)


  15. Tara or Cheri [ not pronounced cherry, it's pronounced Sheri ].

  16. In honor of Felicity, why not name her something with a meaning similar to felicity? I was thinking of Joy. Bliss might be another option.

  17. WOW! Congrats on your new doll Anna! You got that new doll the same day I got a new doll, too - IVY LING! (Dr. Mary001, that's funny my newest doll, Ivy, is re-named Joy. XD)
    Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great time from AGP to sleepover with BFF's to birthday snowcones!

    Aw, poor Felicity. My Molly isn't in that great of condition either, and many times I thought about sending her to the hospital for a head replacement, (not-so-great hair. I've tried everything I can afford.) but too many memories. I think she looks well loved, and although her limbs are much looser than my other dolls, I still feature her in stopmotions. She's been through a lot from being slammed into a door (! For a doll video! Boohoo! :'(), having hair brushed with A PLASTIC BRUSH the first year I had her, to vinyl being mildly scratched and scraped from falling on concrete IN THE MIDDLE OF STOPMOTIONS! Super frustrating, I know you'd understand. XD

    But I still love her as well as all my other dolls. She'll always be my Olly Molly, most special and #1! Anyways, enough rambling on and on about boring me lol. #61 looks totally beautiful. Like, more than beautiful, amazingly gorgeous!

    I like Dr.Mary001's idea of naming her something similar to Felicity in honor of her. :)

    Congrats on your new doll again, I can't WAIT to see her in your stopmotions. I'm planning a stopmotion with my newest doll, Joy (Ivy Ling), too.
    And thanks for replying to my e-mail about the music in your stopmotion! Unfortunately, it didn't work out, so I found a substitute music that I like pretty much the same. It's uploading to youtube right now, titled "I'm An Actress And You Know it". I know you're too busy to view it once it's up, but thanks so much for finding the time to help me with the music even though I ended up not using it!

    And sorry again for such a long comment! I must've typed my fingers off by now, or at least a hole in my keyboard.

    ROCK ON with the AGSM's,

  18. Oh, Anna, she is just gorgeous! I'm sorry about poor Felicity, but I'm sure she'll enjoy relaxing off camera ;). #61 is just beautiful. I know I personally was instantly smitten when she was released, and I'm positive she will shine even more in your stop motions. Congrats! ♥


  19. Congrats! She is so beautiful. I hope to get her as well. I can't wait to hear what you decide to name her!

  20. I think the perfect name will be Phoebe. :D
    I can't wait to see her in upcoming videos!

  21. I think Hazel would be a nice name for her. Can't wait to see a welcoming video!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. my other comment didnt seam to show up. . .but here it is again
    I think we will all miss seeing felicoty in your stopmotions but I understand why you just had to replace her! <3 Plus the new doll really balances out your collection and is an elexelent addition to your doll family <3

  24. btw Some name suggestions I have are

  25. Poor Felicity, but I liked how you got 61 to use for your stop motions because she could be felicity's twin.
    Here are some names for her:
    zoe or zoey

  26. I'm soooooo glad that felicity will be in good hands in her years of retirement! Congrats on getting the new doll!!!

  27. I literally cannot wait to see a new video with her! She's such a gorgeous doll and I'm so excited to hear her name!


  28. I love how your always saying that your collection's complete, but then you get one more doll, one more doll, one more doll. And I don't know, maybe Felicity you could say got in an accident, so now she has to sit down all the time.

  29. I’m glad Felicity will be taken care of and be able to relax in retirement:)
    The new doll will be an amazing edition to the family, I can’t wait to see her in videos

  30. She looks so cute! You're pics are really great! She looks a lot like Felicity, and Saige.

  31. I love her!Im getting #61 in 3 weeks!!!Your going to love her my friend has her and she is amazed how pretty she is!!! I came up with some names that are like hers-

    I hope u like my ideas!

  32. Congratulations on the new addition to your doll family!

    I agree with the person who suggested a name similar in meaning to Felicity. however, you could also do one similar sounding like Felicia.

    Have you thought about sending Felicity to a doll hospital that is not AG? Like Dr. Di over at Doll Diaries. She works miracles without head replacements.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Such a pretty doll, Anna! I can't wait to see her in videos.
    I think you should name her Amelia. It's up to, but that's just what I would name her if got her :) ~Abigail ♥

  35. I recommend the following names either
    A: They'll fit rely nicely into the household or
    B: They're just really pretty

    Hope this helps❤

  36. a name I recommend is Bliss. I personaly think it will be cute in the fam, I also understand you with felicity. I have a doll named Jessica I got her in 2008 and she went through a lot. Thrown at a window slapped in the face with a doll skateboard dropped purposely on the floor I put sharpie on her lips it faded and took her wig off. when I got my second doll saige I was at the hospital thinking if I wated to send jessica there I wasn't sure cause I had so many memories with that doll and didn't know if they would give me a new doll and throw her out or replace her head but I didn't because I had lots of memories good and bad and I want them to stay with me forever.know I still have Jessica with no hair but I still love will be hard letting them go but you know you gotta do what you gatta do im not saying send felicity just if you ever feel the need you can but I prefer not because all the memories will be gone.its not about me but its about you. but again I recommend the name Bliss

  37. i have a name that is super unique, Horizon

  38. She is so beautiful!I'm thinking about getting her would you recommend her.For names I was thinking Skylar,Amber or Jade

  39. I want her SO BAD. But I have Saige and I guess Saige looks almost the exact same. Also, Saige is my only doll. BUT I have a name for her! To me, she looks like a Taylor. I just love Taylor Swift so much and when I saw her I thought of Taylor. <3

  40. Also, did you use the same camera for your stopmotions with the photos? I want a camera for my birthday and I need a inexpensive one so my mom can actually buy it for me. >_<

  41. *From Julie's doll mom, Sharry:*

    Hi Anna,

    As someone who owns some Pleasant Company girls, I understand your reluctance to send Felicity to the AG doll hospital. Might I suggest Tammy's Doll Repair:

    She has a wonderful range of services for much less than the AG Doll Hospital, and respects the vintage parts of older dolls. She also repairs custom dolls, where AG won't (should that ever be a need). If you got her fixed, your new doll could be her cousin or long lost twin. I've always been partial to the name Rachel for redheads. In fact I have a Springfield Collection doll named "Raychel". I really hope you decide to use Tammy's services b.c I think Felicity would be sad not to participate in your videos. Good luck!

  42. I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger award!

  43. Yay, i am super excited for you that you got MAG # 61. Here are my name suggestions for her:
    1. Lilian ( i think that this name really suits her well)
    2. Harper
    3. Alecia
    4. Aleta or Elita
    5. Alexi
    6. Amberly
    7. Mariah
    8. Maria
    10. Chelsea
    11. Melody
    12. Kelly
    13. Emma
    14. Kaitlyn
    15. Jenna
    I hope that you like my name suggestions and i am a huge fan of yours! Have a great rest of your summer!
    ~ Mariah ( Julie Albright on youtube) :)

  44. I don't know if you want people suggesting names for you but I think MAG 61 looks like a Blair. Anyway, congratulations on your new doll! It's good that Felicity can just sit back and relax :)

  45. I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger Award!

    -Heidi- :D

  46. Taylor
    Lorraine nicknamed Rainy

  47. I think Blaire is a cool name. Or maybe Claire or Heather! Maybe Rachel...Here they are in what I like best to worst:
    (best) 1.Rachel

    1. I'm getting a new American Girl doll ( JLY 49 ) and I'm going to name her Rachel! LOL!

  48. Congrats Anna! You should totally keep Felicity..there will always be a doll who started it all

  49. congrats Anna shes so pretty, recommendation for her name. Autumn

  50. She is so cute!!! We love her red hair!

  51. I have three name ideas...

    1. Noelle Rose
    2. Aislin (prononunced Ash-lyn)
    3. Hadley

  52. I will miss seeing Felicity in your videos... But congratulations on the new doll!
    As for names, she looks like a Scarlet.

  53. Hi my name is Bella. I am an American girl. I love watching your shows. I think the new doll is a perfect addition to the basilmentos family I thought a good name would be Audrey. (I actually would have been named that if Bella hadn't been thought of before Audrey!)

  54. hiii i have that same doll her name is ginger she is my first and only doll

  55. i thought of naming her fransesca but stuck with ginger

  56. shes in really bad condition because my mom didnt want to spend money on the hairbrush and i also have NO outfits

  57. camille is so pretty anna youre an awesome stopmotioner i<3 your videos


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