Basilmentos Scoop-- Summer Extravaganza!

Summer break is wonderful, but on a long, hot day, you and your dolls might get a bit bored. This summer issue of "The Basilmentos Scoop" is jam-packed with fun activities to keep yourself entertained. Print it out for your dolls and have a great time!


  1. So cute! I will defiantly print out in doll size.
    Zoë from

  2. I love this issue! It's so cute! My dolls are gong to love it! :D

    ~ Mint

  3. What an amazing idea, Anna! That is so cool. My dolls will love this so much!!

  4. Hi Anna! Its Kelly Fantastic. I have just started a blog for my doll inspired by felicity's and was hoping you would check it out. I'm sure you have tons of requests from people asking the same questions, but if you have the time that would be fantastic! (P. S. if you do have the time please comment on one of my posts so I know you were there) oh and here is the link

  5. Ohmigosh, two days later I forget to say...
    This I so awesome Anna! My dolls are just going to love this! Oh, and when will you be using your new doll in your stop motions?

  6. I love this! This is so adorable for dolls to do activities Anna! Someday I'd love to meet you! :D

  7. Hi anna i really would like it if you looked at my blog just type .It would mean the world to me.Please comment if you go to my blog bye.

  8. Dear LIGHTS,CAMERA,AG DOLLS., I looked at your blog and I look forward to more posts on it, I also left a comment to go to my own creation! ;)

    -Kelly Fantastic


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