Hey, Its Felicity! I am excited to be the first of my sisters to post something on our blog. (Well I should be, I am the first child!) I really want to go to the mall of america and meet Sarah, and her dolls! Mommy says that It would be a big deal to go, and that she would have to miss school, but I dont see a problem with that. She says she does not want to tell her teacher why she has to leave early. But it is such an awesome reason! I totally think she should go, plus, she said she would take me, because I deserve a little attention.
If we did go to the mall of america though, I know what I would buy. I would get the little raincoat set, and maybe Emily's holiday dress. It is really pretty, and mommy says it would look good with my bright green eyes. But Samantha is convinced it will look best on her. Ya right! Everyone knows I am very photogenic!
Well anyways, I reeeally hope we get to go. Talk to you guys soon!



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