AGtube Raised Me

Today I am reminiscing. It has been over 10 years since I posted my first video on YouTube - a shaky, poorly filmed tour of my dollhouse back in 2009. My voice is squeaky and high-pitched. In the video, it is blatantly apparent - I'm a kid. Now, it's 2019, and I am a grown-up. I've finished high school. I've graduated college with a business degree. I've moved to a new city alone and started my first full-time job. I've traveled a bunch, and seen some amazing places and met some amazing people and have even fallen in love. Sometimes it's crazy to take a step back and realize where I am in life, and how much can change in so little time. Today, looking back at old basilmentos videos, I have realized that there is one thing that hasn't changed. Over all the years, through every season, every family holiday, every new school, new hobby and new phase of life, basilmentos has been a constant. Each video sparks memories of distinct moments in life - mo

Stopmotion Presentation from the May 6th meet-up!

Today I had a meet-up at the AmericanGirl store in NYC to celebrate Z's release. It was such a fun event! There were goody bags with Z themed stuff, and I did a presentation/meet and greet. I met so many cool people and had a great time. Huge thank you to everyone who came! At the event, I gave a step-by-step presentation about how to make stopmotions , and a couple of people asked if I could post it so they could look back at it again. And for those of you who couldn't make it to the event, it might be fun to just look it over and see what I talked about! Here is the link to the presentation (in google docs). Go check it out! :) Again, thanks to everyone for coming today. It was a blast, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Mermaid costume pattern!

Here's a pattern for your very own American Girl doll-sized mermaid costume! This idea comes from my summer movie, which is all about mermaids (sneak peek below). Print these photos out so that they fill a full piece of printer paper (that's the size I designed them for) and they should fit nicely on your dolls.  Enjoy!

Summer 2016 basilmentos videos!

It's summer! The best time of the year. I am back home from college, reunited with my dolls, and ready to film to my heart's delight! I have already been planning my big summer movie (with the help of my best friend), and today I will hopefully start making costumes. The movie is going to be pretty extravagant, but there are some serious roadblocks to filming. There are about to be some serious spoilers here. I hate releasing spoilers because people get excited and they create expectations and in this case, I haven't even started filming yet. But Im really stoked to make this movie, and I can't stop thinking about it, and you guys deserve to know what's on my mind! Anyways, in this movie, two of the dolls need to be able to swim on camera. I was thinking of choosing those two dolls ahead of time and then getting an our generation doll that looks like each of them who I can use for the swimming shots (that way I don't have to feel guilty about getting them

Basilmentos AGP NYC meet up!

Hey guys, Im going to NYC! If you wanna come join me for a little doll-shopping spree, come meet me at the AG store on 5th ave. I am gonna be there for an hour or two, shopping around and taking pics.  This meet-up is nothing serious (I wont even have a doll with me, since I am on the way hom e from college and this is a stop along the way). But I would love to meet some of you and talk about dolls!! Drop a comment below if you plan on stopping by! :)

Im going to University!

Well, the time has come. The time that I have been ruminating in my head for years, since I started AGtube back in 2009. All the hours of school work and the stress of achieving good grades has finally paid off. Im going to college! It's an exciting time for sure, filled with choosing classes and shopping for my dorm. But it's also a very sentimental time, because I am moving away from home. I have lived under the same roof with my family for my whole life, but now, I am going to take on the world solo. Soon, my home will become nothing more than my childhood house, my friends will become memories, my relationship with my parents will change completely. Few things will remain constant. And that's scary. But change is natural. And it's something Im learning to embrace. Going to University is scary, because everything is new--but that is also the reason it's exciting! I don't know what Im going to study yet; I have way too many interests. But Im planning to

Trapped in Time poster contest WINNER!

I recently hosted a contest on instagram. Contestants created posters for "Trapped in Time" and the winner will have their poster coined as the official basilmentos movie poster. Over 300 people entered on instagram, and 70 more entered through email, so there were plenty of posters to choose from. And the problem is, all of them are SO GOOD. As I tried to narrow down the entries to a winner, I found myself with too many fabulous options. So, naturally, I can't choose just one!!! Before we get started, I must mention something. I liked ALL of the entries. Just because yours is not featured in this post does not mean that I didn't like it. In fact, I probably loved it! There was just no feasible way to award everyone. So please, don't get yourself down if you didn't win. You are still a fantastic person, and I am very thankful for your entry. Let's get started with some honorable mentions ! First, I would like to give a shoutout to these artists, wh