Hi, its anna again!

I have alot of stuff going on right now, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

First of all, I was just assigned the role of running AGPR with Colmarion1 and girloftheyearstudios. If you dont know what AGPR is, then let me explain it for you. AGPR stands for American Girl Project Runway. Every week, you are given a challenge or theme, such as dance, or celebrity inspired. You then have to make an outfit for your american girl doll using the theme as your guidelines. Its really fun! And you dont even have to know how to sew. You can drape, or use a mix of AG and other brands of clothing to create your look. If you like fashion, american girl dolls, (or BOTH!) I would love it if you would audition for season 2. I am sure there are some great designers out there!!!
If you are interested, check up on AGprojectrunway's channel. We will probably be starting season 2 soon.

Secondly, I have a huge list of upcoming videos to share with you guys. I did'nt want to post this on my channel, because the list is a thousand miles long!

Upcoming Videos:

.Samantha's new friend
.How to- Ms. Bea
.How to- Closet dollhouse/TV
.attomicbetty contest entry
.aglova13 movie- part 1
.aglova13 movie- part 2
.aglova13 movie- part 3
.aglova13 movie- part 4
.Opening a package from SuperSamJam!

So yeah... by the way... I GOT A PACKAGE FROM SUPERSAMJAM!!! We went to the post office today, and it was waiting there for me! I opened it up and it is SO ADORABLE!!! My dolls love it, and the fabric is so cute! Thanks, sam. I cant wait to upload the video of me opening it!

Alrighty, sorry that was such a long post! I hope you are all having a wonderfull week!



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