Important announcment...

Hi everyone,

I have been having some trouble with my computer latley. There is some sort of time limit thing that has gone wrong, and it keeps logging me out! I have already made episode 8 of things that go bump in the night, but for some reason, the computer wont let me upload it. It sucks!

I know alot of you were really looking forward to episode 8, and I am so sorry it is not working out. It will be up at some point, but that may be after halloween. I guess I am going to have to extend the series. Sorry! (and I know that hardly any of my veiwers read my blog, but I felt I had to put this somewhere, instead of just not telling you guys.)

I will have more videos soon! (just not things that go bump in the night)


  1. Sorry to hear you're having computer issues. Nothing's more frustrating! :{ I just have to say I've really enjoyed your youtube videos! I don't have a youtube account, so I can't subscribe, but I do follow your blog. :)
    Have a nice night!

  2. oh poo i was rely excited that sucks


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