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Hello everyone! I have been getting lots of requests lately. Many of them have been asking if I could sell my clothing creations. That is alot of work for me, so I have developed a few patterns instead. This one is a pattern for a ruffled top. I made this one for girloftheyearstudios, and she has used it in a few of her videos. Enjoy! (The pictures may print out to small, So just retrace them on a bigger scale! Sorry about that.....)

The instructions:

Ruffled shirt dress

This was the ruffled blue shirt that I made for Ali, or girloftheyearstudios. Lots of my viewers liked it, and I even got a request to do a tutorial! So here is the pattern. Enjoy!

Level: beginner/ intermediate


  1. Shirt dress top
  2. Shirt dress top ruffles
  3. Shirt dress skirt

  1. Lay the pattern pieces on fabric and pin them on. Then, cut them out, paying attention to the instructions on the pieces.
  2. With piece A, put right sides together. Stitch along the tops of the armholes.
  3. With piece B, separate the 14 pieces. With right sides together, stitch a seam along the edge. Add another piece along the edge and stitch again with right sides together. Do this until all 14 pieces are connected in a ruffled section.
  4. Lay the ruffled section across the top. (Piece A) Fold over the top edge, so the wrong side of the ruffles is against the wrong side of the shirt. Sew a seam along this line, and make sure to tuck under the unfinished edges.
  5. Do the same to the armholes, finishing all the edges.
  6. Hem the bottom of the skirt or dress piece. Do this by turning over the raw edge and sewing a seam over it, and then folding it over again and repeating that step.
  7. Gather the skirt. Along the top, baste two rows, leaving extra thread to pull. Then pull the threads until the skirt is gathered enough. You will know it is ready when the skirt fits perfectly onto the top. With right sides together, sew along the back seam to hold the gathers together and finish the skirt.
  8. Now, with right sides together, stitch the top and bottom together. You may need someone who is experienced with sewing to align the fabric for you, but it is fairly simple. Make sure the ruffle is in the seam, so there is no raw edge.
  9. Now add Velcro or buttons to the back. This part I will let you figure out on your own.
  10. Trim off any threads and fix any small problems. When you are done with that, your shirtdress is complete! Enjoy!


  1. Did you consider selling your patterns with Liberty Jane? This is very good.

  2. Oh I LOVE this outfit! I am going to make it! YAY for basilmentos!


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