clearing things up!

Ok, some people have been wondering about my newest video. Basically, I am doing a giveaway. I will be giving away an outfit to one of my subscribers. The outfit will be made by me. To enter, watch the end of my video. I have made a mash up of a bunch of my videos, and your job is to guess them all. The commenting is going to start tommarow at:

4:00 Pacific time
5:00 Mountain time
6:00 Central time
7:00 Eastern time

I made a certain time for the commenting to start, because I want everyone to see the video before it is too late. So when the time comes around, comment! Leave your guesses for all the videos in order. If you are confused, here is an example:

These are my guesses:
1. samantha's birthday
2. happy friday: an average afternoon
3. sarah in wonderland
4. ------
5. ------

(None of those are correct, by the way!) xD

I hope this post was helpful!


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