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Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh no!

Hello everyone.

I have terrible news.

There is a virus on my computer. I went to this one site, (wikipedia, I think) and when I closed it, about 20 other pages had opened up. They were plastered with innapropriate pictures. I shut down the computer immidetley, but I was not quick enough. Some sort of virus seeped into my computer, and now I can not upload videos to youtube.

I am really upset, because I keep trying to upload my 7sweetgotys video, but it just wont work. I have tried 7 times already. I think it is pointless.

So basically, I am posting this to let you all know why I wont be uploading videos. I am really REALLY annoyed with this too. I am so sorry. Hopefully it will be fixed by christmas. And dont worry, I will still be making videos, even though I cant upload them. So when imovie comes back to life, you will be getting a wave of uploads. :)

Thank you for reading this, I am going to try to do a webcam video so people will come to my blog and read this.

Thank you. I hope I can work this out.


  1. Go here http://housecall.trendmicro.com/au/ to get a free virus scan for your computer. You need to clean your computer before doing anything at all.

  2. That happened to my mom too. She was making some paper-crafts and googled some templates, then clicked the one she liked the best. Instead of the picture she wanted there right on the screen were a lot of innapropriate pictures I quickly exited the page. And soon I fixed the virus. So I guess I got a happy ending. XD


The story behind it all....

In September of 2009, a pre-teen girl named Anna was searching youtube. She no longer used her american girl dolls. they were behind the closet doors, gathering dust. She reluctantly glanced over, then began to type in the search bar: American Girl Dolls. A video came up. She clicked on it. 14 coustumed dolls slid onto the screen and began to dance together, waving their arms and doing cartwheels. Anna was shocked. How could this be possible? This was.... Amazing. She quickly searched a few more. There were hudreds of videos, by usernames like stephenswodadancer, AGlovejess and girloftheyearstudios. Anna couldn't believe it. This new discovery was incredible! She ran to her room and pulled out her two dolls, felicity and samantha. She grabbed her camera. And, she began to film.

It is now four years later. I work on videos almost everyday, usually stopmotions. I have gathered quite a few veiws and subscribers on youtube, and I really appriciate when people comment on my videos. I have come unbelievibly far, but I still leave up those first videos from two years ago, because for me, those are the memories that I will always treasure. I am so happy that I can share them with you.