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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doll changes...

Hey everyone.

So as alot of you know, I have 4 dolls. Their names are Felicity, Samantha, Sonali, And Sarah.

That is alot of Ssesss.

Recently, I started calling sonali Nali, Just because That way there is one less S. But I am really not in love with the name sarah, And I have been dying to change it. I tried calling her julia (I love that name). But It just did not suit her. So, This is where you guys come in. I want you to comment below with all of the name suggestions you have for my JLY #27. I need something that suits her.

Names I like so far:

Hailey (Is that how you spell it?)
Ami (Is that even a name?)

Obivoulsy, I need your help. : /

Other changes:

As you know from earlier posts, I really want a doll like kanani. But instead of buying a new, 100$ doll, I decided to "Create" two new ones on my own.

I wanted a doll with curly hair. And I was noticing that sarahs face looked exceedingly... Blank.
So, I curled Nali's hair into ringlets using twist ties, and I took my watercolors onto sarahs pink cheeks. She now has an adorable swath of freckles. I think that she looks alot cuter and less "perfect" with them. My brother says that she no longer looks "devious".

There have been alot of changes to our little doll family lately. But I think they are an improvement. :)


  1. That sounds like it would be so cute on Sarah! Or should I say... how about Taya, Ellis, Ellery, Madge, Renée? Have fun choosing!

  2. Here are some cute names I like for that doll and I hope you like them too:

    Hope this helped!

  3. Hmm, I'm terrible with names, but I've been keeping my eye on a JLY for a while now, and sometimes when I get bored I jot down names for what I'd name her :)

    So here goes my (not the greatest :P) doll names suggested for you:
    -Caitlin (kate-lin)
    -Kailyn (kay-lin)

    I am horrible with names, but I hope you like these, or at least was influenced by them :P


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  5. ashley emma,kylie,emily,allie,elizebeth,alexis,abigial,

  6. I think Natalie, like someone else said, cause i use to know a Natalie and she looks just like Sarah with the freckles!!

  7. I think you should call her...
    hope this helps! <3

  8. I think you should name her. . .
    I love those names! I also love your Youtube, blog, and dolls!! The freckles on Sarah sound so cute! :)

  9. Hi! TheTrueTettan here! Getting a blog now :D


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