The new doll desire

Today I had an unusual craving.

A new doll.

This does not happen to me often, I am telling you. Its a rare occurance. But every once in a while that inner maniac-doll-loving-consumer kicks in. I was in such a weird, doll-desprate mood that I wrote a poem to suit the occasion. Enjoy.

the new doll

Clean, smooth, rectangular box
Those piercing eyes stare up at me
Slowly slide the cover off
And I bask in her beautiful glory
Skin so smooth and so pristine
Deep eyes so dark and vivid, with a hint of lively sheen
Rosy cheeks, oh so sweet
soft arms, and unscratched feet
Silky smooth and soft hair
All her clothes without a tear
Fresh and glowing everywhere
This new doll, her beauty so fine
This new doll
She's all mine.

I also decided to comb through the AmericanGirl website and choose a few of my favorite dolls. I narrowed it down alot... they are all so cute! I highly doubt I will actually buy any of these beauties, but I still think they are really cute, and they are definetly on my wishlist.

Option 1: Colmarion1 (old AGtuber) had this doll, and I honestly fell in love with her. Something about the swoop of her short hair-she is just adorable.

Option 2: I really want an African-American doll, and I was considering getting Addy. However, this doll has the most gorgeous hair! I love the bangs, and think that they frame her face really well. She is just the most beautiful doll!

Option 3: I have wanted this doll for a really long time. None of my dolls have this strawberry blonde haircolor, and I like the bangs too. Her eyes are unique and I love the FRECKLES! I really, REALLY want a doll with freckles!!!

Option 4: Again, the freckles. I also think this doll is pretty unique and absolutley adorable.

Option 5: Loving the dark skin/hazel eyes combo! Im also desperate for a doll with tightly wound curls. But Cecile is sort of a cross between Nali and Eva... so she wont bring much diversity to my doll collection.

Option 6: I really want an Asian doll, to add some variety to my collection! I think Ivy is the cutest because of her unique hairstyle. Also, I have wanted her for about a year now. (check previous blog posts!)

I dont think I will be buying any of these dolls, especially when they cost a minor fortune. But hey, whats wrong with dreaming?


  1. YAY!You have not blogged in a long time!YAY!A blog post!*ahem* So are you looking for a new doll then???I LOvE looking for new dolls to buy!

  2. I know the feeling. I often thinking about wanting another doll, but then I look at the three I have now, and four seems like so many! haha, very nice poem by the way! It definitely captures the moment of opening a new doll. :)

  3. That was a wonderful poem! I loved it. ^_^
    And, if you everdo get one, I would highly suggest Option 3. She's my personal favorite. :) I totally feel like this, more than I would like to admit!

  4. Very well written poem Anna! I would either want Cecile (since I already have marie-grace, or Ivy (She is so different from any other of my dolls and I like to mix it up:)I am so craving an african american doll though!!

  5. go with option #4 Anna! ps, love the videos!

  6. I have #36 (On top off the list) and I thought I could tell you some negatives and positives (:
    Positive: Her beautiful layered hair that don't get messy too easy. You can move the bangs on the side or on the front pretty easy. And of course she is adorable! (;
    Negative: Her hair do get messy; but to someone who is used to AGs it's no big deal at all. Her bangs like split up in two parts (At least for me) so half is in the front and half on the side...
    Mostly about the hair, but I hoped it helped some.
    And I just want to tell her like with a lot off dolls she does not look like ont he picture. Her face is a bit "slimmer" off-line (If you understand what I mean xD). Her eyes are also a little deaper in real life. But i really recomend her, especialy since you don't have any "red-heads" (;
    ~ Tilde (:

  7. P.S. Oh, and I also think it would be really cool if you had "number two" on your list since she is not that common. I really love that face-mold, but to some hairstyles it really don't fit. But that is not something I could say about this doll/girl ;)

  8. #4 I have her and she is A-MA-ZING!! She's really pretty and her hair is super easy to take care of!

  9. oh i <3 #1`s hair...... so cute! im thinking of getting a new doll too a nd was thinking about her or G1988 (dark skin, dark brown hair and brown hair [she has a different face mold than the dark skinned doll that you want]) there all soooooo cute!!!!!!!

  10. #2 She's SO pretty and not many people have her :)

  11. i think u should get #2! not many ppl have her & her hair looks really silky! please get her Anna! & i would name her Dezzera, Melanie, Seirra or Amber :)

  12. All those dolls are so cute ^_^

  13. I feel exactly the same way sometimes, but then I do something special with one of the dolls I already have, like washing Kirsten's hair, or sewing Elizabeth a new Leotard, then I start a new love for the ones I have, and I feel like I have enough.
    I hope this helped!

  14. All of the dolls are pretty but my fave is Cecile and option 3!

  15. I love all your stopmotions!!! Claire

  16. I really, really, really want Ivy and Julie! I know how you feel. I'm just going on eBay, currently, because I don't have $105 plus shipping...

  17. Hey Cherry (remember what we call each other?)! If you get one of these dolls, you should get #23. I love her and I think she's really pretty because I have her! And also, I'm Chinese like Ivy!

    ~Pinapple (samanthaandnellie1)

  18. Get Ivy or Cecile!Trust me you're not the only one with a new doll craving!The "New Doll" craving ahs come to me more than a couple times this year!

  19. I kind of want another doll (I only have 1). but every time I think about it, it seems illogical, I love Rachel (JLY #37(I think))I know she's not on your list, but I really like Emily, I almost got her instead of Rachel.

    Hope this helps!!

  20. Hi Anna! I love the poem you wrote, you have an amazing vocabulary, and way of stringing words together :) I just wanted to let you know, that I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award! I hope you have time to check it out and make a post, I'd love to hear what you'll write!
    -charlotte <3

  21. Oh, I want a new doll too.

  22. Hmmm.. maybe you should get one of the JLY dolls. They are so pretty. And I love the freckles too. :)

  23. If you DID by any chance change your mind and decide to get one of these dolls, I'd say you should go for either option 3 or 4. I have both of those dolls, and I love them! Option 4 is my twin doll (except I have bangs) and I think she's super adorable. Option 3 has the prettiest hair EVER. It's just SOO Pretty! And she doesn't look anything like any of your other dolls.

  24. i belive it was #3 that i think you should get, since alot of you dolls have brown or blode hair, the red/straberery blond would be great in your collection!!!( in my opinion)


  25. #3 is my favorite ive been wanting her for a year now u should get her

  26. Hi!! Wow, I have NOT been on your blog in a while, but it's the same...! I recently caught an direction infection. Heard of it? Oh, and I like option 4 the best. One of my close friends has her, and she is an amazing doll in person. Silky hair with a slight wave, easy to manage hair but still nice and long enough to style. Also, I love the freckles too! Unique for sure, and SO cute! This is my friend's only doll, and she loves her very much. I have two dolls, McKenna and MAG # 28. My MAG is named Bella, and she is now...I think I have had her for five years now...I got her on my seventh bday I'm pretty sure...I'm getting off topic aren't I?? I hope you love whatever doll you get, Anna, and I hope you had a good spring break!

    ~Isabel <3

    So, who here is a Hunger Games nut like me? Reply if you love it as much as me!! (which is a lot...!)

  27. I think you should save up for a doll and buy on Craigslist that's how I found like 80% of my dolls or maybe get a used doll and make her into a doll of your dreams ( a customized doll)

    Creative girl 9000

  28. Finally, someone (famous) wants JLY 23 (one of my dolls, Tessa)!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Just Like you 23 you should. NOT KIDDING SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  30. i really love the last 3, you got a great taste for dolls!!!!!!!!!!! sorry if this bothers you but if anyone reading this checks out my blog: it would make me so happy!

  31. Lovely Poem!! And if you ever get another doll, I would suggest Option #3 or Ivy. :) By the way, option #3 looks great with the rasberry glasses from AG. The pink glasses look great with her hair color. :)

  32. I know how you feel Anna! I want JLY with wavy brown hair, green eyes, and light skin. But I look at my dolls and think I have 2 and some don't have any! It makes my very frustrated!

  33. Omg!! I have option 4! She is sooooo cute and looks way better in person! I named her Mary!

  34. I want JLY #35 because she's so pretty.
    Don't get a doll with curly hair because my sister got JLY #33 for christmas last year and now her hair is like your ( basilmentos) felicity's hair. So I will always get a doll with straight hair.
    Rachel. ( luckypennystudios104 from youtube)

  35. It’s nice how you turn your attraction to dolls into a beautiful poem. =) Anyway, I haven’t seen your doll collection yet, so the only suggestion I can give is that you should acquire a doll that is different from the ones you have. It’ll definitely satisfy your cravings, and you’ll surely have no regrets with the decision that you’ll make.

    Chris Jeffery

  36. I am LOVEING Ivy!!! Sheis sooo pretty!


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