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Sunday, August 26, 2012

~Cabin 4~ Giveaway???

Have you seen the last episode of cabin 4? If not, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_yN_G2Ha9o

Unfortunately, cabin 4 has come to a close. It is my first series that is carried by emotions instead of actions, which is unusual for me. It is a story about friendship, and how sometimes you will find it it in the least expected way. I am really proud of the series, and I am sad to see it go. (However, I do have plans to continue it next summer...) I hope you guys enjoyed it too!

I feel like I should do some sort of giveaway inspired by my series. I was thinking that I could collect all the episodes, paste them together and put them on a dvd. Then I could give it away to one lucky person who commented on the finale video. What do you guys think? It would be fun for me, though it would take some organizing. I could also tuck Juniper's bird tally into the dvd case, as a little addition.

So, what do you guys think? Should I spend my time organizing this? Is it worth it to you? Take the poll below and let me know please. :)


  1. OMG !!! basilmentos i love your blog and your youtube your new sires cabin 4 is amazing i love it and would totally would love to have that dvd i also have a youtube called ( littleaglover7 ) and i love your stopmotions i would love to participate

  2. That would be amazing Anna, I would love to enter the giveaway! :D That would be so cool if you gave a DVD of it away :)
    -charlotte <3

  3. PLEAE DO IT ANNA!!! :) i love you so much i even made a fan blog for you!! :) i hope you check it out and I hope you like it!

    ~Abby <3

  4. That would be so cool! :D You are always so creative with the things you do. ;)

  5. Please do it! I couldn't enter, sadly, because I don't have a YouTube, but I would be so happy for the others who got to enter!

  6. WoW!It let me comment!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That's an amazing idea Anna! I would do if for sure! This series is so amazing that I could watch them over and over and over and over! Even if I didn't win it would still be a lot of fun :D Juniper's bird tally would be a great addition! :D

  8. I love cabin 4!!! My favorite cabin 4 character is juniper so it would be awesome to get her bird count and the DVD would be so cool.

  9. I love Juniper!!! She's so mysterious!! I love the dress she had on in the movie.

  10. I think that would be really cool. I don't have a youtube channel (maybe I will get one soon), but I think it would be fun and maybe for the people that don't have a youtube they could comment on your blog or something. :)


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