My American Girl wish-list!

My birthday is coming up! I have a list of things I want from AG, so I figured I would share with you guys! Enjoy!
First of all I want Caroline's Jacket and Hat set! I can use both pieces to create crazy characters!

Next, I want Caroline's Coat and Hat. I think the color is beautiful, and it is so cute!

I also really want these adorable reindeer pj's. The design on them is so sweet! :)
I love Molly's holiday dress. I know it is old fashioned, but I think it is beautifully designed.
Lastly, I want Marie-Grace's masquerade mask set! I saw this in person at the american girl place, and it is beautifully designed. It looks great on the dolls!


  1. Wow awesome choices Anna! (BTW I named my new doll after you :D)

  2. Ooooo Happy EARLY Birthday! :D
    You could create a lot of crazy characters with some of those accessories!
    When's your B-Day? :)

  3. When is your birthday? Mine is on the 28th! SQUEEEEEE! so happy!

  4. Those are so ADORABLE! I can't wait to get my AG dolls:) Oh and, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Hey Anna, check out my blog and post a comment if you want. Mikayla

  6. great ideas! Luv the pajamas! Hope u get everything u want! Happy birthday! Oh, and plz go to my blog, . Plz follow me if u can! I just started! :) Thxns!

  7. hi Anna where is the website the you got imovie from

  8. Awesome choices Anna!!
    OH and happy early birthday! ;)

  9. Happy early birthday! :)
    My birthday is coming up REAL soon! :D So I'm pretty excited. :) I don't have much on my wishlist. Just this one.. Uhh.. Thing that you happen to know about.. *wink wink* xD haha, lol. xD That, and I just NEED Caroline's coat and hat. It's so cute! :D

  10. All of that stuff is so cool! LOL, everyone's birthday is right when mine is(mine's September 29th!)Soooo....HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! =D

  11. I LOVE Carolines Coat! Its soo cute! though i wouldnt really use it :(!


  12. Check out my blog, I nominated you!

  13. I really love all of your choices!! That is so cool that your birthday is coming up, mine too! Mine is on the 30th of September! Happy Belated Birthday i guess:)

  14. I also really like the reindeer pj's. I think that they are very cute, but they look easy enough to make them. Sewing them yourself would save a lot of money, plus they would be just as good as American Girls!
    Just an idea!

    1. Thats what I do and they turn out GREAT. And the best part is that it only costs 2$ instead of 28$.


  15. Ah, yes. I want a lot of this stuff too. Especially Caroline's stuff. I adore her collection. Definitely get Molly's Holiday Dress! I've had it for years now and I still love it. It looks so cute on pretty much any doll and it's very soft and velvety! =)

  16. I really love caroline's ice skates. I don't buy PJs. I make them. I love ag and all of your stop motions. if you could check out my blog, and even comment that would be awesome!

    thx - Chloe

  17. Happy b- day Anna!! And I have some questions for you so if you answer them...Thanks! First when is your b- day. And can you check out my blot? Thanks Anna!


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