Midsummer Magic Movie Poster!

Click on the photo to open, drag the photo on to your desktop, and then print! 


  1. Thank you so much for giving us the poster to print! I will hang it up in my dollhouse. I can't wait for the movie to come out! You are so inspiring! Thank you!

  2. I printed it out for my doll! This was the best AG film I've ever seen! You are my favorite Youtube for AG videos and I love them all! Great work Anna! And good luck in school!

  3. I Mack-tacked it and put it in my doll's room! It looks like a real poster for a movie!!
    It was a really amazing stop-motion Anna!
    P.S My doll's name is Anna :)

  4. I think this is such a cute idea! I actually was out of colored ink, so I had to print it in black and white. It looks so cool and in a way spooky. I love it!!!:)

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  5. Thanks! Printing Now!!!! :D

  6. Yay I can print it! Thanks for letting us have a free poster for our Ag dolls!

  7. Yay I can print it! Thanks for letting us have a free poster for our Ag dolls!
    Thank you,
    ~ Ag Super Star ~
    (I had to write this comment again sorry it was sighned in to a dif account) :D

  8. Sweet! I just watched it this morning and it was AWESOME! Eva (the queen) looked so pretty! The video was so long,too. All my stop motions are less than one minute! You can see one on my blog www.marisasamericangirls.blogspot.com Please visit my blog! You are my inspiration! You inspired me to do stopmotion. <3

  9. I just printed it out. It will be hanging on my doll's wall in no time!

  10. I printed it in color and black and white! Now both my dolls can have one!

  11. I JUST printed it.I accidentally printed 2, hehe... but it helps a lot! It's be AWESOME for my movies! BTW, I just got a printer JUST for this.

  12. I love your stopmotions never give up and the reason i started making stopmotions is because you inspired me, thank you Annax :) and my longest one is the stopmotion i made called beautiful if you want to watch it feel free but this is not the account its called i heart stopmotioners

  13. Thanks for letting me print! Midsummer magic is awesome, and I'm glad to use this in future igacp videos! (I'll give you credit too) :)

    From- I've Got a Camera Productions
    ( http://igacp.blogspot.com/ ) :)

  14. Woah! I just changed the language to greek, and it shows up on the poster!!! :O :D

  15. I'm totally gonna hang this in my dollhouse when I get one! Thanks so much of this!


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