NEW DOLL!?!?!!??!?!

Hey everyone,

As some of you may know, I have wanted Ivy for the past few years. She is a super cute doll, and I felt like she would fill a gap in my collection, considering that I do not own any asian dolls. However, there is something that has always held me back from buying her. I could never quite put my finger on it, until this fall.
It is her face mold.
You see, Ivy is a darling little doll, but there is something about her face mold that just didn't seem quite right to me. It was almost as if she looks sad all the time, or maybe a bit tired. I wanted a doll like her, but she just didn't have that special spark.
A few weeks ago, I was reminiscing of the old days, and I remembered that a few years ago, American Girl sold a different asian just like you. It was before they changed the face mold, so she was much more distinct than Ivy. I had seen a few pictures of her online, and as I recalled, she was really cute! She seemed like a great candidate for my collection, so I sat down with my mom and we looked her up.

She is adorable. Sweeter than you could even imagine. The moment I saw her picture, I knew she was the one, and my mom and I headed to ebay right away. We found a listing, and we placed a bid.

She arrived last Thursday.
I know you guys are probably all thinking: WHAT!?!?!?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?!?!?!, but I was actually really busy this weekend and I felt like she deserved a nice, well thought out introduction.

I can't figure out a way to put her cuteness in to words, so I am just going to let the pictures explain. I also included various quotes from my family members from the day of her arrival. They all loved her, as you will see.

I am happy to announce the newest member of the basilmentos family, Just Like You #4, Eleanor. I am going to call her Ellie, for short.

"Oh my goodness, isn't she just the cutest thing! Im afraid she may even outshine your other dolls!"- Mom

"Haha, wow! She sure is a cutie! You sure have a lot of dolls now, Anna. How are you gonna remember all their names? I can only keep track of Felicity and Samantha!"-Dad

"She's pretty nice, I guess."- My brother 

So, yeah. Wow. Another doll.
I keep telling myself that my collection is complete, but when it really comes down to it, I know the truth. My doll collection is never going to stop growing as long as I have money in my pocket! 
I love this doll so much and I am so happy that I bought her. My collection is now more diverse, and she is do unique from all my other dolls! 
I worried she would look like Samantha, but when they actually stand next to each other, you can tell that they are very different. Ellie's skin is lighter, her face is wider and her eyes are more almond shaped. Her hair is longer than Samantha's, and it is also much darker. The two of them look like they could be siblings, but they aren't too similar.

Sometimes, I find that spontaneous decisions are the best ones. Ellie was one of these- I found her and bought her in a flash. She is such a precious little doll, and I can tell there will be many good times to come. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!


  1. Oh wow! She is such a cutie for sure, ha ha. I've seen pictures of that doll before and I thought she was adorable! I hope you have lots of fun with her and I can't wait to see her starring in your videos!


  2. She's adorable congrats on the new doll I hope she has as much personality than nail haha

  3. Ohmygosh Anna! She's a cutie! I love her so much! I'm glad you named her Ellie! That's the name I voted for! I can't wait to see her in your next video! You are my favorite AGTuber for sure! You have 8 dolls now wow! Lets see- Felicity, Samantha, Nali, Sarah, Eva, Julia, Gabby and Ellie! I so happy for you Anna! If you get another doll- I am not trying to decide for you but think you should get Kit or Isabelle (GOTY 2014) You are such an inspiration to me and I love you so much! ♥������

    1. Foofy Cat, just saying, that Isabelle and Kit look a lot like Sarah no rudeness intended

  4. i LOVE HER! I also adore the name Eleanor! Great choice Anna! I wish she was still available but I am worried about Ebay cause Fake dolls. Well congrats! Love her and you!
    ~Taylor PP

  5. Awesome, Anna! I absolutely LOVE the name Ellie! I can't wait to see all the fun new things you'll do with her. I guess getting a new doll kind of brightened up the fact that you're not posting online as much. :)

  6. AHHHHHHH this is amazing!!!! I am so happy for you!! When I saw your instagram post I screamed this is just fantastic!!! I always am so excited whenever you get a new doll!!! I can't wait for new stopmotions with Ellie!!! By the way my little cousins name is Eleanor and I think it is simply adorable!!! I'm just so happy!!! This just made my day!!! Just thank you for being you, Anna!!! Congrats on a new fantastic edition to the Basilmentos family!!! Welcome Eleanor!!!<3

  7. Wow! I can't believe you have another doll! I figured when you had that "name contest" that you were going to get a new doll. Anyways I'm sure you will enjoy her for many years to come as well as you will enjoy all of your other dolls for many years to come! Anyways congrats and have fun!

  8. Wow! What a cutie! She is just so darling! She looks like a younger child, i like that! she sure is an amazing buy! I can't wait for a new stop motion!

    ~ Naomi B

  9. Eleanor! I love that name! And Ellie as a nickname is absolutely adorable!

  10. so cool im getting ready to do a stop-motion called campsite 12 so im gonna need some new dolls im getting 3? 4? i dont know most likely 4

  11. She's so cute! I love the name eleanor! Congrats!

  12. I think the soft roundness of her face is very pretty. Her eyes are more almond shaped than Ivy's, and they tilt upward at the outside edges, making her look happy. Ivy's eyes tilt down at the outside edges, lending to a sad appearance. I think Ellie's mouth looks fuller than Ivy's, too. Ellie's features combine very harmoniously. Good choice, Anna!

  13. I'm so happy for you!! She is a charming dollie, and adds a lot to your collection. :)
    Did you name her after Eleanor Roosevelt?

  14. Lucky! I'm soo happy for u Anna! Ellie's a great name and the doll Is soo cute!!!

  15. I like Ellie better than Ivy two. :) ~Caroline

  16. She's so adorable! I think Ellie is the perfect name for her! :D

  17. Hi Basilmentos, I am very sorry to trouble you. I'm sorry i could not reach your fan email. I have recently been thinking of getting into stop motion making and have made a few short ones (p.s. ur videos and photography are incredible) ... I was just wondering how you make your dolls' eyes blink in a stopmotion video? Thank you, it would be greatly appreciated! (pps. all ur dolls are beautiful! and i love your channel, blog and instagram)

    1. To have dolls blink you put their eyelashes into the bottom of the eye/ were it meets the mold. ~ Ella

  18. Are you going to make a stop motion with her?

  19. Congrats, Anna! She looks so adorable! I've always loved Ivy, but I felt that way too. She's not perfect, but in the end, no one is. I would've rather gone for her though. {#4}


  20. Anna!!! She is so cute!!! So you and your mom just bought her like that, my mom would never do that She could care less ob out my dolls she thinks I'm crazy for getting another doll when I already had 2! She does get me some awesome doll stuff for Christmas though. Sorry any way you have a gorges new doll!!!!!!!!!!

    - Emma Hodges

  21. Wow Anna! She is BEAUTIFUL Now I want to get that doll! Well I always feel like that when you get a new doll... But if I want to catch up to your collection now I will have to get 2 more dolls! So I better wish for one for Christmas and Save up my money after Christmas for my annual AGP trip.
    ~Nicole IndigoAGs

  22. Congrats Anna! She IS a cutie! Thanks for putting up my app holder thing <3

  23. will you be doing a new video with her soon?
    I am so happy for you :D

  24. She is Adorable! I can't wait to see her in your next video.

  25. Hi anna im probley your biggest fan like I went to a garage sale a gorl was named anna I imedietly asked if it was you also I was woundering if ypu could do a video kinda like this: all the girls are eating and naili asks if they want to have a party they all take their chlothes off and have fun when ellie walks in

  26. Dear Basilmentos,
    You rock!
    Just like all of the reasons from 1 through ten!
    1. You rock!
    2. You rock!
    3. You rock!
    4. You rock!
    5. You rock!
    6. You rock!
    7. You rock!
    8. You rock!
    9. You rock!
    10. You rock!


  27. Omigosh, she is soooo adorable! I also plan on getting an asian doll named Makoto Okazaki. When I oooked at the pictures I actually thought it was Ivy! Your doll is so adorable and so is the name! I love your videos, amd I wish I could say im your biggest fan but I know that a lot of ohers know more about you than me! I love you!!!

  28. i am getting a new doll i am eigther going to get JLY 38 or a doll from ebay i am exited i have never had this much money at once

  29. Personally I love this doll and think shes great in your collection, also I like to have a varity of dolls like one with black hair or one with blue eyes, and I plan on getting #47(MAG version of Sonali) or/and Goty 2014.

    I don't think you would want goty 2014 though because she is very simple pretty much, blond hair brown eyes I think, but she does have highlights, I just want the doll because I don't Have a blonde and she is kinda unique(standing out from the other dolls)

    I think you should get a red hair doll, only if you like them ofcourse, she would stand out but they are pretty...

    Thanks for reading my comment, was kinda long

  30. I just read your post and then I looked at Ivy in the AG magazine, she does look a little sad.

  31. She's gorgeous! Congratulations on your new addition!

  32. when are you posting your next video

  33. My mom and I saw this doll online and thought she looked really scary and stupid. xD LOL BUT she looks SO SO SO MUCH cuter in real life! Welcome Ellie! :3


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