The Basilmentos Scoop-- February 2014

The Basilmentos Scoop is an exclusive magazine created by my friend Olivia! It includes fun stories, tips, tricks and games, so check it out!

This month's issue has a special bonus: a coupon book! Print out these coupons and give them as gifts to your friends, with personalized messages (These also make great last-minute valentines)! Have fun!

Thanks for reading the Basilmentos Scoop! I'll see you soon with next month's issue!


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  2. I really LOVE that drawing you did! I'm printing that out!

  3. Did you draw the picture of your dolls on the Coupon book?????!!!!! ITS amzing!

  4. Loved this "Scoop." Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. This was so cute, I really enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing.


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